2020 Australia & NZ Product Teams Survey - Cogent

2020 Australia & New Zealand
Product Teams Survey

Note: The survey is now closed, and the report will be released in the coming weeks. 
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If we had to pick the question we get asked most at Cogent, it would be “how do other people do it?”

This question has become even more common since COVID-19 hit and remote working became a part of every team’s daily life.

We work with businesses at all stages of growth, from fast-growing startups to global tech leaders, so we get a unique view into how different teams organise themselves to deliver products to market.

We see commonalities of high-performing product teams, but what we haven’t seen is insightful data on the state of product development in Australia. This data seems to (somewhat) exist in other tech communities like Silicon Valley, but not in Australia.

So, to help us answer this question with real data rather than purely our own qualitative experience, we’re asking you – the product managers, developers, designers, founders, and tech leaders of Australia – to help us gather that data.

We’ll then analyze the data and turn it into a report to share with you “how other people do it”. Our aim is that this report will be a valuable, no-bullshit tool to navigate product team delivery, and guide improvements for your team. A guide by teams, for teams.

Click the button below to participate in the survey. It’ll take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and you can expect to receive the results around December 2020.

All data will be kept confidential and reported on an aggregate level. Please contact Courtney Goes (courtney@cogent.co) at Cogent with any questions.

Why contribute?

We get it, you’re really busy and surveys can be a drainer. 

For giving up 10-15min of your day, you’ll have contributed to Australian-first findings, and get exclusive first access to the findings report.

The report will aim to provide a behind-the-scenes look into “how other people do it”, and be a playbook for best practice.