Like a health check, but for your code.

Not sure about the quality of your code?

Let’s take a look under the hood.

The software that is so important to the success of any digital business can often be a mystery to the people who have the highest stake in its quality.

Created for everybody from investors wanting to do due diligence, to founders doing strategic planning, Review is a fast, low-cost way to give you an independent health-check on the technical state of your product.


You may be an investor looking to mitigate your risk, or a founder who’s outsourced the development of your product. Whatever your reason for wanting to better understand the quality of your code, there are are a number of benefits to an independent third-party Review:


By looking at your code using a number of analytical tools and assessing things like complexity, test coverage, and architecture design, we’ll be able to determine the quality of your code compared to best practise.


In gaining awareness of the state of your product, you’ll have verified insight into how well it has been written, and be able to make informed, confident decisions about what to do next.


As well as using automated tools, you’ll also get a senior engineer to personally assess your code quality. In the same way that you’d see a professional for medical advice, you can rest assured that our people are experts at this.


Where your code is not up to the quality levels we recommend, we’ll give you insight into the degree of the issue, as well as ways you can start to improve things.


We’ll need to get access to your code repository and possibly cloud infrastructure (if required). One of our senior engineers will then review your application and create a report for you, detailing our findings.

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    Alexander Haggerty
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You’ll receive a customised detailed report, written in terms you can understand, explaining our assessment of your software product’s code quality.

This typically includes details about:

  • The complexity of the code
  • The level of duplication
  • The high-level design
  • Coding practices
  • Technical architecture

You may be on the right track, which is great: you will have confidence to move forward. If we pick up that there are some things that need improving, we’ll give you some insight into what to start working on to improve this.

Gain confidence through expert advice

The person needed to make your Review a success will be an engineer with deep development experience who has seen and worked on numerous products and knows what both good and bad code looks like.

Get in touch to request more information, including a rough idea of the cost, duration, and when we can complete your Review.