Sketch, estimate and plan.

Got a great idea that needs fleshing out? Nice one!

The initial spark of an idea is exciting, but it’s really the next bit that we think is the most important – understanding what to do about it. The purpose of Clarify is to figure out exactly what needs to be done to accomplish your objective and give you confidence in what’s achievable.


Whether you’re a startup founder with an idea on the back of a napkin, or you’re an existing business who’s had an idea to explore something new, there are some common benefits to doing a Clarify project:


The clue is in the name. Get clear on your idea and what it is you’re trying to create and filter out what doesn’t align.


Know what needs to happen when, with clear and realistic priorities.


Have the confidence to move forward with concise objectives that guide decision making.


Demonstrate business model viability, product sketches, technical architecture diagrams, customer journey maps and a lot more.


First, we assemble an A-Team, which is generally made up of at least one product manager, one designer and one developer. Then we draw from a best practice toolkit of research methodology to find out what you’re trying to achieve and why.

Every business is different, so here are just some of the activities that we could run in the early stages of fleshing out your idea:

  • Knowledge-gathering conversations
  • User research and analysis
  • Workshops to guide the strategy based on useful data
  • Business process mapping
  • Distill thinking into conceptual sketches
  • User testing or technical exploration of potential approaches

We’ll also ask a lot of questions and dig as deep as necessary to understand aspects of your business and your customers. You may already have answers to these, you may not. Either way is OK. Our process is flexible and lightweight so that your time and money is spent only on the things that provide value.

These provide the insight to come up with the core concept. Think of this as the heart of the idea for how we’ll meet your objectives.

From here, we’ll establish how to bring this idea to life in a way that brings a useful and valuable experience to your users. Then we’ll do the initial plan that covers the details of how we’ll get there.


Most importantly, by helping you figure out the answers to your questions and produce these outputs we’ve gained a shared, contextual understanding of your idea, your business and your intentions.

More specifically, some common things we produce include:

Create something remarkable.

The team needed to make your Clarify project a success is different for each critical business question we help answer.

Get in touch to request more information, including a rough idea of the cost, duration, and team needed for your project.