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A behind-the-scenes look into what makes digital businesses thrive.

Welcome to Cogent Conversations

Ever wondered what makes products and businesses thrive, while others flounder?

At Cogent, we get a pretty unique look inside a whole different bunch of digital organisations, which helps us deeply understand what goes into make these types of businesses work well.

We were pretty sure other people would like to hear about what we’ve learnt over the years, both from us and other people who are working in digital businesses around Melbourne. So was born the Cogent Conversations podcast.

In the episodes that follow, we talk with founders and leaders from organisations we see as exemplars of the digital businesses of Melbourne, getting their insights and experiences of what goes into making a digital business thrive.

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Adam Murry

Meet the host: Adam Murray

Adam has led digital business, consulted to start-ups and corporates, run co-working spaces, and created his own podcast. Currently, he’s a Product Manager at Cogent, helping organisations verify their venture ideas and enable them to evolve their culture (but just quietly, the thing he loves most is coaching his son’s team of aspiring under-10 footballers).

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