Cogent Conversations: Episode 14

Andrew Rechtman, REA Group

Episode 14: REA Group

“Most businesses have that one core product that does really well and you innovate and iterate around that core product. To find another adjacent growth area is really, really tough.”

– Andrew Rechtman, REA Group

Corporate innovation is hard. Much has been written about it and there are countless ways to go about it, but the benefits are tantalising. For some organisations, it means that they continue to live; they can reinvent themselves before it’s too late. For others, it is an opportunity to grow beyond what they are; to leverage the social, brand, intellectual, monetary capital they have built up to create something new.

In this episode, we get a first-hand look at a corporate innovation story that, while still in its early stages, is a growing success. Agent Reach was a new product idea for the team at REA Group, and something Cogent was able to help create. However, the co-creation in this particular instance of corporate innovation was certainly not without its own rocky road.

We spoke candidly about this project, and corporate innovation in general, with Andrew Rechtman, one of the Executive General Managers at REA Group, who oversees the customer experience across all of REA’s product, both legacy and exploratory.

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Adam Murry

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Adam has led digital business, consulted to start-ups and corporates, run co-working spaces, and created his own podcast. Currently, he’s a Product Manager at Cogent, helping organisations verify their venture ideas and enable them to evolve their culture (but just quietly, the thing he loves most is coaching his son’s team of aspiring under-10 footballers).

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