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It’s the language of the web, and we’re fluent.

We speak your language.

Working with startups through to big dot coms, we’ve found that experienced developers and rigorous software engineering practices are needed to develop high-quality JavaScript projects. We’re here to make sure you’re able to handle high user expectations and rapidly changing business needs with ease.

Rest assured that we know all the buzzword technologies – React, Angular, Vue, Ember and many more. We can help you navigate that landscape, or work with your existing tech choices. More importantly, we have years of experience building products for some of Australia’s most successful businesses, and use that knowledge to reduce risk, improve business outcomes, and pass those skills on to others in your organisation.

Real products, real results.

We know the problems founders and teams face when it comes to building digital businesses, so no matter how early the idea, or how much uncertainty there is, we can help. We’ve done it plenty of times before.
A hand-crafted widget to provide the perfect user experience

“For Ripple, we wanted to create a UI that let the user fluidly express how they felt, and standard buttons and input widgets weren’t going to cut it. We used React to build an animated SVG that rotated and changed colour in response to use touch.”

– Paula Feleggakis

Reusable components to power a whole product line

“For REA Group, we wanted to build multiple apps to validate new business ideas. We created a library of reusable React UI components enabling us to progress rapidly without sacrificing quality.”

– Ben Daley
Getting changes to market fast and on multiple mobile platforms

“We leverage React Native for the Chargefox app to get the same benefits of the web — reaching as many people as possible — but in a native experience on their phone. We ship both iOS and Android apps from a single code base. We’re able to quickly build new features and push fixes to users of both platforms.”

– Patrick Smith

A rapidly moving target

JavaScript is moving fast, and staying up-to-date often requires a much larger investment in training than smaller business and startups can afford.

As a consultancy, we already have the advantage that our people are exposed to many projects per year, but we’ve also invested heavily in supporting the passion for lifelong learning that drives our people.

“As a JavaScript community lead here at Cogent, it’s my job to help support people in new areas of the landscape they want to focus on. The company provides the resources, in terms of a generous budget of both time and money that allows people to pick and choose their own courses and conferences, and also maintains a large library of learning resources. To help people utilise that well though, I meet with them regularly to help them form a learning plan, and encourage the formation of community and peer-support around our JavaScript learning.”

– Craig Ambrose

What if JS isn’t the right fit?

JavaScript is just one of many languages in our toolbox that we can use for your project. In particular, we’ve also got a bunch of experience and strong track record working with:

Ruby on Rails

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AI & Machine Learning

Let’s get started.

You might find our JavaScript skills useful for your next new product, or to help bolster and mentor an existing team. Check out our range of services or contact us to find out more.

Are you a JavaScript developer?

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