Accelerate your product growth and support more users quicker.

Grow, without the growing pains

Your product is going places, and users are growing fast. That’s great! We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, just to make it a more well-oiled machine, so you can scale quicker with minimal growing pains.

We can partner with you and your teams, or take full ownership as a Cogent team, to work on a new idea or features, or the modernisation of existing, legacy systems. 

This means you’ll be shipping new features and updates faster, have scalable processes in place to support more users quicker, and know that your teams are working on the right stuff to grow and hit targets.

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Scalable design and tech

Ensuring your technical architecture and design systems are built to scale up is critical.

Businesses that don’t inevitably end up at a brick wall, spending countless hours and dollars fixing a mountain of tech debt or constantly redesigning, stalling their ability to build and ship anything new.

We bring to the table a modern approach to engineering and digital design, building architectures that scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences, regardless of the number of users.

This delivery mindset supports fast changes to new business conditions, so that product improvements can continue to happen quickly and at a high quality.

Clear product strategy

You’ve probably got a clear idea of what you want your business or product to achieve – or you might have specific targets to hit – but having a clear product strategy for how to get there is what’s going to make all the difference.

Ensuring that your people are all on the same page, working on the right things at the right time towards a common goal is where our senior Product Managers come in.

They focus on working alongside your team to keep your product growing in the right direction.

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Some of the great businesses we've worked with

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