Executing great user onboarding

Turning users into happy, paying customers.

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One of the key contributors to a successful product-led business is a great user onboarding experience.

A great onboarding experience helps people understand how your product works, and how it provides them real value. And as you transition from start-up to scale-up, it allows your business to activate more users and turn them into happy, paying customers.

In this free, 30 min workshop we’ll show you how a more strategic, considered approach to your products onboarding experience will be better for both you and your users.

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Meet your presenter

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Ben Rowe – Lead Designer

Ben has been working at Cogent for 2 years.

A marketer by trade, Ben moved into UX design around ten years ago.
Before Cogent, Ben worked for large corporates, small startups and everything in between.

Get onboard with onboarding!

During this online session, Ben will cover:

  • What is great user onboarding and why is it so important?

  • What does great onboarding look like? (and what it doesn’t)

  • How to think more strategically about your product’s onboarding flow

  • How to think about onboarding beyond initial activation of your users, into full adoption of your product.

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