What it’s really like to work for Cogent.

Here at Cogent, we have a bottom line that isn’t just about dollars. People come first, always. 

So, for over five years now, we’ve been using Culture Amp’s Engagement Survey tool. We run the survey every six months to get deeper insights into our culture, and create clear actions for areas we can improve in. Using the same questions in the same tool each time helps us more easily see favourable or not-so-favourable trends.

Through the survey, we measure our progress against “people engagement”, our values and broad set of other standard Culture Amp factors which help us understand our culture better.  We also use Culture Amp’s benchmarks to see how we stack up to our peers within Australia and globally. Typically, we aim to be in the top 10% globally for similar companies, and we’ve largely been able to achieve that over the last four of five years. We use Culture Amp’s New Tech as a benchmark because we believe these companies are most culturally similar and have some of the highest engagement levels of any industries globally. We’re holding ourselves to the highest account we can. 

Transparency is a core value at Cogent (see more on our our transparent salaries model here)Every time the survey is run, the results are shared with all Cogent employees, and anyone can dive deeper into answers if they wish. We’ve never shared them publicly before, but it feels like a natural progression for us. 

So why not take a look at how we measure up? We’ve laid it all out below.

The most recent Staff Engagement Scores shown here are from our most recent survey in August 2020. Staff surveys are distributed every six months, and our next survey will go out in late Feb 2021.

How we're tracking overall

We use this as an overall measure of how engaged staff are in general. For the last four years our overall staff engagement score has been in or around the Top 10% of new tech companies worldwide. This score is made up of numerous key areas, a few of which we’ve dived into in the sections below. 

What we're doing well in

We value wellbeing - and it shows

To determine this score, we ask our staff to rate their responses to statements including ‘we are genuinely supported if we choose to make use of flexible working arrangements’ and ‘I believe my workload is reasonable for my role’.

Work/life balance is intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of our staff – which is a core value for us. It’s vital our staff feel that Cogent cares about them, and wellbeing is an area we work hard to excel in.

Values-driven, through and through

Our values are what define us as an organisation. They shape the decisions we make every day, both large and small. They inform who we hire, the clients we work with, our strategy and our operations. 

To get this score, staff rate their responses to the statement ‘Cogent values are extremely important to me’. It’s no surprise that the people who work with us have rated their alignment with our values within the Top 10% of our global and local peers. 

Leadership by example

We’re people first, and the focus of our People Managers is caring for the teams they look after. 

To get this score, staff rate their responses to statements like ‘my manager is a great role model for employees’ and ‘my manager genuinely cares about my wellbeing’. Since 2017, our scores in this area have been at 90% or above.

What we're working on improving

L&D is an area where we’d scored well (in the 90%’s) until our most recent survey where we dropped to 78%.

This shift in staff sentiment towards their development opportunities highlighted that we can’t be complacent, and that a quick shift to remote work (thanks, COVID) can open up some cracks.

We have a pretty healthy L&D budget for everyone here (check it out on our Careers page), but we did freeze spending on L&D for 4-5 months whilst we rode out the worst of the pandemic economic shocks in 2020. 

With IRL development opportunities off the table, we realised that we can do better for remote workers, which is 100% of us at the moment.

So we’ve made this a focus as part of our Strategic Priorities, and have assigned a team to work on solving it. For the next six months, they’ll be gathering input and ideas internally and creating the necessary systems and structures to help us improve this for everyone at Cogent.


Our scores have been benchmarked with average scores for New Tech Australia

For full transparency, we’ve also included our most recent scores snapshot across all factors, beyond engagement for permanent staff at Cogent. This shows how we are tracking against the average of all companies in the global New Tech index. A full explanation of what each of these factors means can be found at Culture Amp here. 

This outlines our engagement score, along with all focus areas that combine to give us an overall score.

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