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From startups to big corporates, we work with organisations big and small.

You could be a startup founder or part of an innovation team in a bigger business. Regardless of your size, you’ll be supported by a focused team who keep your goals in mind through every conversation, sketch and keystroke.

We love solving crunchy problems and have done it a lot of times across everything from education and energy to healthcare and travel.

A few of our recent clients:

What our clients love about us:

Total Transparency

We treat our clients as partners and work alongside you to deliver your next outcome – not up-sell our next gig. We’re straight talkers and you’ll be informed every step of the way with what’s going on, who’s doing it and where it’s heading.

Whether you identify the challenge or we do, we go after it with everything we’ve got. We’re well-versed in lightweight design, research and development techniques and we deliver results quickly.

You’ll be a key part of the team – there are no ‘client-facing’ or ‘internal’ documents here, it’s your project and it’s all open for you to see. In a nutshell, everyone’s on the same page to deliver cutting-edge technology specific to your business goals.

Lasting Impact

Our aim isn’t to take our knowledge with us. In fact, it’s the opposite. We want to give you and your team the tools and skills you need to continue building, learning and iterating on your own.

We do little things you’ll love, like leading a lunchtime talk or mentoring your next team lead to make sure our knowledge is embedded within your team.

  • We didn’t have huge budgets. I wish we did. We didn’t. But we knew what we wanted and so we were able to find a way to do a lot for a little.

    Founder - Tappl
  • We looked at a number of options and what we liked about Cogent was that they have quality staff, clear processes, they’d worked with start-ups before and there was a flexibility.

    Founder - Tappl
  • I knew if we were going to make this pivot and solve this problem, I needed the best thinking, the best customer engagement, the best design work to help us on that journey.

    Founder - Tappl
  • One thing that Cogent did for us was tackle risky assumptions. If they don’t hold true, are we dead? We had to face that very early. But we went to that place and got the data and insightful to support who our customers were and what they want, rather than hoping for the best.

    Founder - Tappl
  • We engaged Cogent to help with a critical development program. We embedded two experienced Cogent Devs into our existing teams. The work they did was great, and they left a legacy behind of more capable, better-functioning teams. This was one of the best tech engagements I’ve ever seen — small but very powerful. It was the best consulting money we’ve ever spent.

    Andy Sheats
    Executive General Manager of Student Experience - Open Universities Australia
  • Cogent truly is a collection of great minds working together. They understood the entrepreneurial mindset and brought my vision to life. Working with a team of knowledgeable, experienced and innovative individuals, they have delivered a product that surpassed my expectations.

    Alexander Haggerty
    Co-Founder & CEO - Taggd

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