We live and breathe our values. That applies to customers and employees alike. We treat people with respect, trust and care.

You’ll love working at Cogent.

Transparency, evolution and meaning underpin everything we do. Wellbeing is also a big part of our culture. In fact, you can read all about our values and what they mean day-to-day.

Our people are respected and celebrated for who they are. We all have different backgrounds, cultures, skills and perspectives, and we’ve all got a story to tell.

We want to hear yours.

The perks

As if collaborating with a bunch of smart, humble (but insanely talented) individuals wasn’t enough, you’ll be bringing ideas to life for some of Australia’s top companies and emerging startups.

To do this, every team member is given the freedom and tools to do their best work, both technically and personally. This means respecting and nurturing your wellbeing, development and happiness at every stage of your journey with us. These are just some of the ways we focus on our people.

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Transparent Salaries

We believe in total transparency, so have an open salaries model and profit share as mechanisms to share the successes of Cogent with everyone that’s a part of it.

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Laptop Allowance

Get a pre-tax allowance of $90/month ($1,080 per annum) on the house for you to put towards keeping your laptop up to date.

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Communication Allowance

Get a pre-tax allowance of $225/month ($2,700 per annum) to contribute to your phone and internet expenses

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Got a product or business idea you want to develop in work time? Pitch it to us and if we think you’re onto something, you’ll be able to allocate some of your time to growing it further.

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Learning Budget

We’re a group of never ending learners, so every year you have $3000 to spend on training, $500 on books, plus 5 days to simply learn… or read all your books.



Remote work comes with new set of challenges. We’ll send out all the kit you need (chair, monitor, keyboard, keep cup, desk plant etc) to work in comfort and provide fun ways to connect with the team, from our weekly Movie Club to Monday Coffees with Pets.

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Parental Leave

Expecting? Congratulations! Regardless of 'primary' or 'secondary', as a new parent, you'll be eligible for up to 13 weeks’ paid leave at your normal salary, on top of any government benefits you're also entitled to.

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Purchased Leave

You get 4 weeks of annual leave a year, but if you need a little more time to sail around the Greek Islands or work on that side project, who are we to argue? You’re able to buy some extra time just because we get it.


Sick/Carers Leave

For when life happens! Feeling sick? Kids not well? Need to look after a friend or family member? Home schooling in lockdown? We have an open and flexible sick/carers leave policy to cover a variety of life’s demands.

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Salary Sacrifice

If you’d like to salary sacrifice your laptop, ipad or something else (that you’re legally allowed to), just let us know!

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We’ve got Slack channels like #parenting and #mentalhealth to help each other out wherever we can, or access the fully supported Employee Assistance Program and counselling service to help you - from little hiccups to major life events.

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And we don’t just say it. Need to drop your kids at basketball? Want some zen time at a yoga class? We get it, encourage it and support it… and we’ll always get you home in time for dinner.

Meet (some of) our amazing people

And a lot more friendly faces you’ll meet if you join (take a look at them here).


Mary Chen


Lonnie King


Stu Liston

Samantha Schaffer


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Erin Zimmer


Mark Wells

John Mitchell

John Mitchell


Kath Barnette

Jimmy Ferne

Jimmy Ferne



Rachael Geaney

Rachael Geaney

Courtney Goes

Courtney Goes

Sophia Buckley

Sophia Buckley


Matt Shanks

Dave McDonald

Dave McDonald


Eadaoin Doherty

Ben Rowe

Ben Rowe

Craig Ambrose

Craig Ambrose

Adam Murry

Adam Murray


Kath Cashion


Dan Tropp


Paula Feleggakis

Matt Ensor

Matt Ensor


Jason Ona


Andy Nicholson


Jen Knowles


Will Rockel

Rabea headshot from LI



Alex Waluyo

image (18)

Viky Guerra


Scott rogers


Peter Evjar

Untitled design-233

Anwesha Chatterjee


Liz Blink

Navin headshot from LI

Navin Keswani

Reckon this sounds like a great place to work?

We’re always looking for people who are smart and play nice with others to get things done. We’re more interested in what you’ve been creating than how many degrees you have. In particular, we are currently seeking people for the following roles:

What it’s really like to work at Cogent

It’s an obvious question, but finding objective data is generally not possible. That’s why we’ve decided to publish our most recent and historical Culture Amp Engagement survey results right here so anyone can deep dive themselves and figure out what’s it like to work at Cogent.

You could also follow us on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look, or read about how we use our values to guide how we work together.

The journey to join us

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1. Say hello

Send us your resume with a friendly hello.

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2. Quick chat

If we like what we see we’ll give you a call for a casual chat.

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3. Strut your stuff

Work your magic and show us what you’re made of! We’ll give you an opportunity to showcase your ability and how you like to operate.

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4. Meet the team

Come in and meet us at the Treehouse – we’ll have an open conversation on values and how they align with the way we’ll work together.

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5. Salary chat

Our open salaries policy will give you the opportunity to be actively involved with the negotiation process.

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6. You’re hired!

Get ready for an amazing ride as you grow, stretch and challenge yourself everyday.


If you’re keen to join the team but don’t fit one of the current openings, we’d still love to talk.

Drop Jimmy, our friendly People Guy, a hello at