We live and breathe our values. That applies to customers and employees alike. We treat people with respect, trust and care.

You’ll love working at Cogent.

Transparency, honesty and creativity underpin everything we do. Wellbeing is also a big part of our day to day.

Our people are respected and celebrated for who they are. We all have different backgrounds, cultures, skills and perspectives, and we’ve all got a story to tell. We want to hear yours.

Meet the team!

How we go about it

1. Say hello
Send us your resume with a friendly hello.

2. Quick chat
If we like what we see we’ll give you a call for a casual chat.

3. Meet the team
Come in and meet us at the Treehouse – we’ll have an open conversation on values and how they align with the way we’ll work together.

4. Strut your stuff
Show us what you’re made of. This next step’s all about seeing you in action. We’ll give you an opportunity to showcase your ability and how you like to operate.

5. Salary chat
Our open salaries policy will give you the opportunity to be actively involved with the negotiation process.

6. You’re hired!
Get ready for an amazing ride as you grow, stretch and challenge yourself everyday.

What it’s really like

Hear from Kath what it’s like to work somewhere where people are truly valued and salaries are completely transparent.

Reckon this sounds like a great place to work?

We’re always looking for people who are smart and play nice with others to get things done. We’re more interested in what you’ve been creating than how many degrees you have.

In particular, we are currently seeking people for the following roles:


If you’re keen to join the tea but don’t fit one of the current openings, we’d still love to talk. Drop Ruby a friendly hello at