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Sharing an insider look at our people and how we help ideas like yours turn into thriving digital businesses.

We recently launched our very own podcast, which got us thinking about which other podcasts the Cogent Crew had on repeat. We’ve collated the results below, these are the podcasts we rate the highest when it comes to giving grass-roots insights about everything that goes into building a digital business. Here are our top 5:


An excellent local podcast going deep into the detail of Melbourne-bred success stories. Produced by the awesome people at LaunchVic, ScaleUp is two seasons in, covering the successes of Culture Amp and Redbubble. Who will be next?

Inside Intercom

Intercom is a San Francisco based tech business who love to give insider insights about how they do things, as well as talking to other digital business about what makes them tick. Everything from design, engineering, product management, marketing and startup advice in general.


Produced in partnership with Product Collective, and now 300 episodes in, this crew explore crucial concepts that anyone who wants to make a career in tech should know. They discuss everything from the business strategy of Adobe, to the principles of Lean with Ash Maurya, and real-time analysis of what a Google Design Sprint feels like.

How I Built This

How I Built This isn’t specifically related to building digital products and businesses, however, each episode has some engaging stories about the creation and growth of a range of different businesses. Their stories help to humanise the processes and give an inside peek into what it looks and feels like to get a business off the ground.

Cogent Conversations

The new kid on the block is our very own podcast. Through our work in consulting to the digital businesses of Melbourne, we get a pretty unique look inside a whole different bunch of digital organisations. This has given us an understanding of what goes into making these types of businesses thrive. We were pretty sure other people would like to hear about what we’ve learnt over the years, both from us and other people who are working in digital businesses around Melbourne. And so was born the Cogent Conversations podcast!

Have a podcast we should know about or feedback on Cogent Conversations? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch here.

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