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Wrap Up: The Indigenous Runway Project



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Cogent were proud to support this project which showcases and celebrates high-end Indigenous fashion design.

The following post has been kindly written by Tali Brash, a guest of the Indigenous Runway Project and a friend of Cogent.
All images courtesy of Artificial Studios

To be so warmly welcomed by one powerhouse woman after the next, Sally Capp – Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Jerril Rechter from Vic Health & Tina Waru from the Indigenous Runway Project event had us anticipating that what we were about to witness was going to be powerful, entertaining and an artistic opening into a path where art, culture and history become one.

We were delighted to be met with not only beautiful and breathtaking fashion, but with an array of models of different shapes, sizes, colour, ethnicity and backgrounds coming together for a higher purpose. To tell the story of the artist through their walk, movement, breath and then through the exquisite performances as well.

The talent of Kaiit, the dancers, the soundtracks, the digeridoo whilst all quite different with their alternative flavours, rang true in the sense that even though we have different backgrounds & beliefs, we are all here to share in this land, honour it and celebrate the art that comes of it.

It was truly enjoyable and something special to be a part of, that in this day and age we are celebrating indigenous artists, models and performers to share their stories and their gifts to a widespread audience. Wonderful to see NGV host such a special event and to be a part of it in some way.

The Indigenous Runway Project celebrates the creativity of Indigenous fashion designers from around the world. Held under the light of the Leonard French ceiling in National Gallery of Victoria’s Great Hall, Indigenous fashion designers collaborated with artists and musicians to deliver a unique 60-minute Indigenous cultural spectacular honouring the strengths and talents of Indigenous creators. Cogent was a proud sponsor of this event.

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