Relaunching Cogent Services

Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers

Product (special sauce) additive. Thinker and creator. Most comfortable with sleeves rolled up.

In its infancy, Cogent developers helped some of Melbourne’s iconic digital businesses build their products. We had great success, and ran a profitable consulting business as a result.

A few years ago, the idea that we might find greater enjoyment and contribute more directly to client success by establishing product teams was hard to ignore. We began to offer solution delivery in the form of an outsourced product team. So for the next few years, our cross-functional product teams helped many companies bring their applications to life. During that time we reduced our focus on the consulting/contract-developer space.

Gathering our learnings across both of these ways of operating, we’ve identified that there are different skills, mindsets, goals and desires — both personally and professionally — between the two. Some of our team members have a preference for heavy duty technical challenges, complex design problems, or want to add value in large teams. Others have a preference for smaller teams, to be really close to customers, and have a direct hand in the commercial success of our work.

And let’s not forget our clients. They also have their own preferences for how they’d like to work with Cogent.

Now, we mark another significant stage in our journey in establishing three distinct business units: Services, Products, and Ventures.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve established Cogent ‘Services’ which reignites our consulting offer — talented Cogent designers and developers who boost capacity and capability in client teams. Our people have leading skills in the market, and are adept at immersing themselves to solve design and technical challenges (the outcome) but also how they produce it (the delivery process). They’re highly skilled in working in a variety of cultures and environments. Their diverse experiences help them get up to speed quickly, and they’re there to do the work — not up-sell the next gig. Cogent consultants will want to contribute to team performance and culture, as much as software output. We place huge emphasis on making the best possible match between our team and a client’s project.

‘Products’ continues to offer complete delivery teams of designers, developers, and product strategists to solve customer problems. We love making things that real humans touch and use every day. Everyone in the team is highly experienced in delivering remarkable products, and are goal-oriented to deliver on the business outcome. We’ve got a range of successes under our belt in healthcare, education, productivity, finance and more.

‘Ventures’ exists to bootstrap our own products, and co-invest in startup businesses. We’re open and willing to hear pitches from any would-be founder. We assess an idea on its merits, decide whether to progress and then, how much to invest. Currently Cogent has investments in the social retail business Taggd — whose awesome founder Alex Haggerty recently won Anthill’s 30under30 award — and a soon-to-be-launched FinTech startup.

Each of these business units will be run by its own focused leader. We think these changes allow us to better meet the needs of our people and our customers. Our values-driven culture continues to guide everything that we do. We live by strong ethics, and treat employees and customers with respect, trust and care.

Interested in joining the Cogent team on our journey? We’re hiring.

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