Daily Care

Cogent Team:
1 designer, 1 developer, 1 product manager

Project Timeframe:
6 weeks

About DailyCare

DailyCare was launched in 2016 as an online platform dedicated to helping Australian families find the right care for their elders at what’s often an unexpected and stressful time.

“When you’re thrust into this really unfamiliar scenario of care, you really don’t know what to do,” explains Founder Tull Long, who experienced this first-hand trying to find care for his grandparents. 

“There are so many different options, and that’s really what we wanted to expose.”

DailyCare aims to house the entire ecosystem of elder care in one place. Today, with help from Cogent, it also connects hospitals with residential aged care facilities, allowing hospital staff to make on-the-spot bookings while they’re talking with elders and their families about future care.


Tull initially engaged Cogent in March 2018 to help prioritise the work of developing a residential care bookings service.

The DailyCare team wanted to produce a business-to-business portal “which is effectively like a Bookings.com between hospitals and residential aged care facilities, to see what live vacancies there are.”

At the time, residential care facilities spent days updating hospitals on the availability of space for new residents. Tull and his team had a vision, not just to reduce the time those updates took, but also to support in-the-moment conversations between social workers, hospital staff, elders and their families with accurate, live information on service and care availability.


“I think, quite frankly, we would have not done as good a job without Cogent. The experience has just been fantastic.”

Tull Long, Founder


The Clarify process first helped DailyCare strike a sustainable balance between customer demand and business goals. 

“I call it the Reality Department,” Tull admits. “As a founder, you want everything to happen straight away, but that’s just not possible.” Although DailyCare was Tull’s third startup, it was his first in the digital space, so he welcomed help with setting priorities for this business-critical piece of work.

Through the Cogent Clarify process, DailyCare charted a path forward, and had the Cogent team provide crucial resources and skills that Tull believes were better sourced externally than in-house.

“I think we’re very emotionally invested in the platform,” he explains. “Sometimes it’s good to get some external resources to help. Everybody comes in with a different lens, and you know, you don’t know everything, as much as you want to think that you do.”

After setting priorities, Cogent spent time talking with industry stakeholders as part of a dedicated research project which helped DailyCare identify challenges, and unique ways to solve them. Cogent then built on that research to produce wireframes for implementation within the platform.


Today, DailyCare has slashed the time Australian aged care facilities take to update their service availability information with hospitals.

“They’re spending two to three minutes updating thousands of vacancies,” explains Tull, “where it used to take them days.”

That kind of efficiency helps cement the unique competitive advantage that Tull knows DailyCare needs to flourish, specifically because it supports those engaged with the aged care system.

For example, says Tull, the social workers who do a lot of the legwork to get elders into aged care have “a really tough job. They’ve got KPI’s — with a duty of care, of course. On one end, they’re trying to get people out of the hospital system, but on the other end, they’re trying to get people into the aged care system. We’re just trying to digitise that.”

Looking back now, he adds, “I think certainly the calibre of people at Cogent is phenomenal … It’s been really refreshing to go through that process with you guys.”

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