Treasury Wine Estates

Cogent Team:
Design, Development

Project Timeframe:
3 Weeks

About Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is an Australian-based global winemaking and distribution business. The business wanted to explore how new technologies can be used for their brand, and engaged Cogent for an ‘exploration of the possible’ using virtual reality.


With a focus on innovation, the goal was to convince the board and senior executives to take note of new technologies, by ‘shaking things up a bit’ with a demo, and inspiring new thinking.


We created a Samsung Gear VR app to allow the video to have a user-initiated playback and a synchronised start across multiple devices. This enabled a group of people to see everything at the same time. We collaborated with two 3rd parties; Scann3d for the 360 degree video shoot at the Wolf Blass vineyard, and Display Ground for the enormous interactive screen used at a tasting that immediately followed. Cogent directed the experience not just in the app, but across the entire event.

Approximately 30 Treasury Wines Estates employees, including many members of the executive leadership team, were led through a 15 minute experience, in groups of 4.

They entered a dark room specifically set up with the giant screen, VR headsets, swivelling stools, wine barrels, wine and cheese.

Following a short briefing, they watched a 360 degree video touring the Wolf Blass winery and vineyard with the chief winemaker from Wolf Blass.

When they emerged, their wine had been poured and they used the interactive screen to watch another video where they tasted the wine with the winemaker.

There were also demos showcasing the Matterport scan, YouTube sharing and possibilities for path to purchase.


Without exception, all of the people who participated were blown away.

The feedback was incredibly positive and even the people we anticipated would be the biggest skeptics came out smiling and excited.

Cogent helped inspire and open the doors with executives to talk about new technologies going forward.

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