Thread (Melbourne Business School)

Cogent Team:
Design, Development, Product Management

Project Timeframe:
6 Months

About Thread

Thread is a peer community lead by Melbourne Business School of senior business executives. It’s designed to foster continuous learning, helping members to absorb, collaborate and apply knowledge to be more successful at work.

For the school, a key part of realising this goal was to better connect the learning that occurs in their highly regarded executive programs, to the reality of being at work.


Melbourne Business School had several key aims: to improve the integration between formal and on-the-job learning, to add value to participants beyond the residential and other formal aspects, and to enable greater learning opportunities between peers and with facilitators.


Contextual enquiry involved following field staff in Cairns to observe their activities and workflow. We then talked to communities to understand the operational environment, and collaborated with key stakeholders to create process journey maps.

Cogent began with a short piece of research, to unearth the problem-space, establish goals to guide the work and ideated quickly to form a base concept.

Following approval of this core idea, we spent five months in an iterative strategy, design and development cycle to produce the first release of Thread. Cogent engaged SouthSouthWest to create the stunning Thread brand-mark, which inspired our visual design of the product.

We’re happy to report that Thread came in on time, 30K under budget, and met all of the feature criteria needed for day one. This included to be rolled out to the first customer and to decommission an old system.


Thread has succeeded in delivering on individual, organisation and social learning objectives.  Thread has now been rolled out on hundreds of executive education programs through Australia, Asia and Americas.

In 2013 the school extended Thread to award-based programs, integrating Thread as part of their 18-month Executive MBA.

And in 2015 we made the all-important step to enable online learning capability, lifting the value for organisations in driving their learning and development goals to their people.

Thread is playing an increasingly important role in Melbourne Business School’s programs.  We’re in continuous delivery mode providing product strategy, design and research consulting, and technical support and development.

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