Six Park

Six Park

Six Park

Cogent Team:
Design, Development, Product Management

Project Timeframe:
Ongoing (Since 2015)

About Six Park

Six Park is one of the first automated investment startups in Australia, allowing investors to easily and conveniently create a professionally managed portfolio, tailored to their risk profile.

The Six Park team have over 100 years of collective experience in investment management, financial services and digital business between them, and are backed by a high-profile investment team.


Managing investment portfolios can be pretty confusing to everyday investors, and Six Park wanted to give people an easy way to invest like an expert, for a lower cost.

To do this, Cogent was tasked with creating the end-to-end customer experience, from a risk assessment questionnaire, through funds investment, to viewing performance. On the other side of the coin, the technology had to allow Six Park to adjust portfolios and act quickly in response to global markets.


We worked with Six Park through a Clarify period to better understand the problem, explore opportunities and clarify priorities.

This led to a clear idea and roadmap which we then spent two weeks building into a Proof of Concept to validate what we had in mind. When we had enough evidence to start building the full offering, we focused on the most complex parts first.

Six Park team members worked directly with our senior designers and developers at Cogent HQ to build out the mechanics of the Risk Assessment and onboarding process for new users. After this, we designed and built the user dashboard, admin dashboard, and a marketing page for the product.

Observing early user behaviour, we built a small screen experience of the user dashboard and the marketing page.


Six Park launched to the public in April 2016, with $4M funds under management in the first 4 months. They join other fintech disruptors emerging in Australia, but the calibre of the Advisory Board and proven expertise sets Six Park apart from competitors.

Maintaining data accuracy, security and integrity was essential to the service. This is achieved by connecting to proven third party services for Identity Verification, Anti Money Laundering checks, Bank Account Creation and Trade Executions.

Six Park continue to build their client base, and and grow their team as a confident player in the Australian fintech landscape.

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