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About Covidence

Covidence is a global not-for-profit service dedicated to improving evidence-based healthcare. A collaboration between Cochrane, The Alfred Hospital, Monash University and Cogent, Covidence is a purpose- built tool for synthesising the world’s healthcare evidence (aka systematic reviews).

Covidence improves the production of systematic reviews so that scientific decision-making can draw on the best available evidence.


To prove whether it was possible to codify and increase the speed of systematic reviews so that decisions made by healthcare professionals were based on the latest healthcare evidence being produced.


Working closely with The Alfred Hospital, and taking initial design and concept work from independent strategist Fiona Ingram, we established the business and product strategy that formed the first lightweight version of Covidence.

We began with a hypothesis: that experienced systematic reviewers with deeply embedded workflows using manual tools for Systematic Review work would find an online collaborative platform that was specifically designed to meet their needs preferential and more efficient.

To test this hypothesis, we engaged with users who were known for setting the benchmark for high-quality systematic reviews, Cochrane. Using lightweight, iterative methods of prototyping and field research (the classic build-measure-learn lifecycle), the team were able to move with remarkable speed and clarity to prove that there was indeed appetite and a market for the service that the Alfred team were imagined was possible.


Covidence acquired its first customers in September 2013.

It’s now arguably the simplest and most efficient systematic review with authoring tool on the market taking approximately 3 months off a workflow that would otherwise take up to two years to complete.

Covidence continues to grow and currently serves the largest systematic review community in the world (almost 100,000 users and counting) across over 100 countries. Our relationship with Covidence has never been stronger as our focus now shifts to help them scale their growing product and aligning their now global team to deliver even more value for their customers.

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