Liz Blink

Leading product management teams

Did you just get a promotion? Did your product peers go from friends, to being part of the team you now lead? Have you ever done this before? It’s no wonder why the sense of achievement you’d expect to feel might be missing; leading humans is hard, can be terrifying, and if you get it wrong there are big consequences

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Cogent Crew: Meet Navin

This month, Kath spoke to Navin about being Cogent’s first developer to be based full-time in Sydney, his love of maths, and being a self-professed “guitar tragic”.

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Sam Chalela

Deploying micro frontends with module federation and Next.js

Micro frontends are an architectural pattern that has become a hot topic in recent years for many good reasons. It has helped organisations break complex UI applications into smaller, more manageable pieces, as well as enabling teams to work end-to-end across a well-defined product or business domain whilst maintaining a consistent user experience across the entire app.

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Stu Liston

Our most recent Staff Engagement Scores are out

In February, our CEO Mark wrote a blog post about what it’s really like to work at Cogent, which described why we’re taking the rather unusual step of publicly sharing our employee engagement survey results. Since then we’ve run another survey so, in the continued spirit of transparency, I wanted to share some of the insights we’ve gained.

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Erin Zimmer

CSS Layout: Normal Flow

It’s worth understanding normal CSS flow, what it’s good for, and why it makes it so hard to centre things vertically. In order to do that though, there are three main concepts that we need to understand – block elements, inline elements, and line boxes.

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Matt Shanks

Getting to where you need to be

At Cogent, we’ve helped businesses grow from pre-seed to scale-up and beyond. We’ve partnered with founders, and even founded businesses ourselves. We know what it takes to grow a business at each of those critical early stages. And, instead of keeping that to ourselves, we’ve done what Cogent does best, created something so scaling business can benefit.

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Paula Feleggakis

The importance of learning to read code

Felienne Hermans recently gave a marvellous talk which relieved one of my lingering insecurities almost immediately – she told me that it was OK to spend time reading code, and that it was in fact a necessary precursor to being able to write code effectively.

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