How to get the most out of your Clarify project

How to get the most out of your Clarify project

Courtney Goes

Courtney Goes

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A brief guide to working with Cogent on clarifying your product idea.

I’ve worked on multiple Clarify projects now, but this one really stood out as one that just flowed and provided clear tangible benefits to the client. Because of that, I thought I’d take the opportunity to outline some of the key reasons that made it great and how these can also make your Clarify project a success.

Be open to change

Pivoting is inevitable, and it’s one of the main reasons we offer Clarify as a service. Be ready to make quick decisions to keep momentum going, but don’t be afraid to give feedback.

Like all good feedback, the more detailed and specific the better to help inform changes and for your Cogent team to know exactly what’s working and what needs to be revised.

Trust the team

Complementary to this is trusting the team with the expertise they’re bringing to the table. A great example of this was some user research we did towards the beginning of this project.

While the client had done a lot of great research already, we bolstered this by asking questions they hadn’t thought of, but that drastically changed the outcome of the product design.

For example, questions about device type, device usage and connectivity. In this case, the product needed to be used in locations where internet connection was patchy, so this type of insight was critical.

Research will save you time and money

Once you think you’re onto a winning idea, it’s natural to want to start building it straight away. However, what if I told you that committing just one week of research could save you six months of work and $100k down the track? You’d do it.

In this instance, we were lucky enough to be working with a client that really understood the value of research and got a great outcome as a result.

Validating your idea and product concept in the early stages will make sure that what gets built is right for you, your stakeholders and your users.

Work with a diverse team

As standard, the Cogent team working with you on a Clarify project will include a designer, a developer and a product manager. Sometimes we need more than one of these roles, but never less.

This variety in skill set and knowledge helps tremendously in making quick decisions because it brings together different ways of thinking and finds the most streamlined solution.

A diverse Cogent Team
Working with a diverse Cogent Team

Assemble your team

It’s great to assemble your team ahead of time and include key stakeholders who’ll be using the product in some capacity.

This includes any user research that might need to be done — if you have a list of users ready to go, it keeps the project moving along right from the outset.

Commit the time

Usually the Clarify projects we help clients with take around 15 working days total, spread across two to four weeks. The reason it’s generally spread is simply down to the time it takes for feedback or scheduling in multiple stakeholders for meetings, user research and key steps like that. Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to line these discussions up.

While completing the project in four weeks like in this scenario is completely fine, consider if this will impact your business and whether need the project completed sooner. If so, plan for it and make sure the people who need to be involved at key points are ready to give input.

There’s really no wrong way to go through our Clarify process, but these factors will help make sure you’re off to a flying start and get the best outcome possible.

Regardless of your idea, product or business, we’ll be with you every step of the way and guide you through how to get the most out of your time working with us.

Think you’ve got an idea worth exploring? Get in touch to let us know about it.

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