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Courtney Goes

Courtney Goes

Court leads the marketing here at Cogent. When she's not doing that, she can be found hunting down the perfect long black around Melbourne.

A couple of months ago, we announced that we were running a survey into how teams work together on product delivery. In a nutshell, how teams get sh*t done, and what processes differentiate good teams from great teams.

When we ran the survey, our aim was to answer three key questions:

  1. How does leadership and strategy influence how well teams work?
  2. How do teams work together and with other teams to deliver business outcomes?
  3. How has a sudden change to remote working impacted all of that? 

These are topics we’re always interested in because we see on a daily basis the way they impact a business’ ability to grow its customer and user base and in turn, revenue. In short, the way teams work together and across a business can make or break the growth of your product and the value of your organisation.

High performing product and tech teams are the core of all successful digital businesses, but at Cogent we see wildly varying approaches, so we decided to draw a line in the sand and get some hard data on what 'great' looks like.

Mark Wells | CEO at Cogent

We ran the survey for three weeks and in that time, 73 people representing 53 different organisations across Australia and New Zealand contributed. 

We then analysed the data and what we found is that, generally speaking, product teams in Australia and New Zealand are in pretty good shape. Naturally, there are always improvements that can be made which are dependent on a lot of variables, but all in all, we were pleasantly surprised to read the responses. I won’t go into the key takeaways in this post, but if you’re interested, you can check them out here.

These findings, paired alongside Cogent’s own experience working on over 100 different digital products are what now make up the 2020 Australia & New Zealand Product Teams Report. Because insights without action are kinda pointless, you’ll also find recommendations from our senior developers, product managers and designers, as well as a few words of wisdom from industry leaders on what to do with this data.

As you no doubt know, creating happy, high-performing teams is no easy task and the work is never done. As businesses grow, strategy and cultures change, and so too do the people delivering the work day-to-day.

The full report is designed to be a valuable, go-to resource to help you more easily navigate product team delivery, and guide improvements for your team. So whether you’re a CEO or a senior developer, a fast-growing startup or a global tech leader, these will be relevant to you. 

Click here to download the report ->

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