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A Day in the Life of Cogent Engineer, Jude



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Cogent Crew member Jude Cooray talks to us about a day in the life of an Engineer at Cogent – and the difference our values really make.

Hi, I’m Jude, and I joined Cogent in April. I’m new to Melbourne and moved here this year from Singapore. I’m still getting used to Melbourne and it’s awesome (not) weather, but I love it so far! It’s the people here that make you love Melbourne; the diversity and the amazing food scene are the cherries on top.

6.30am – I’m up

I start the day with some light stretches, and occasionally I’ll also have my first of many coffees for the day. I take the train to work and it’s nice that Cogent is right next to the Southern Cross Station. It’s a crowded but short commute from Burwood. I use my commute to catch up with what’s going on. Hello /r/australia!

09:15am – In the Treehouse 

Adam, Shannon and I have our usual morning stand up to discuss how things are moving and what to focus on and after that, I start my day’s work. I’m doing both support and development for TaskExchange, a UK based company. After the support emails are done, I put all my focus on the dev work for the rest of the day. This is also the time I grab my next cup of coffee. I’m no aficionado but Melbourne has great coffee, especially at Kinfolk downstairs.

I have a 10am meeting and showcased the work we’ve done with another one of our clients. Apart from a few minor changes, they are thrilled with our work so far. Cogent really values transparency, so it’s refreshing to work in a place where you can have an honest conversation with your client and be transparent about how things are going including budget and any blockers we foresee.

12:15pm – Lunch time

I don’t eat out much, so it’s mostly homemade food. We try to keep it interesting and cook a range of different types of food, but at the moment anything in the slow cooker is good! Mary, our Office Manager, keeps the pantry well-stocked and I can never resist a couple of snacks after lunch.

I continue with my development work after lunch. Today I’m working on a ruby script to retry failed resque tasks that have been sitting in a redis queue for close to 2 years. I’ve fixed the background jobs, so they won’t fail again but don’t want to re-queue all at once. I want to exclude obsolete/outdated tasks and process them in batches, to monitor and fix them if required. So far it’s working out great.

2.30pm- Come on inner peace, I haven’t got all day!

The Treehouse has two beautiful meditation rooms. Today is one of those days where my brain needs a quick recharge. A short10 minute meditation session does wonders when I’m stuck on a problem and need some space to solve it.

05:45pm – Time to head home

Cogent strongly advocates personal well-being, so work hours are based around your needs and the needs of the team. I like to leave just after the evening rush for a less crowded commute back.

It’s one thing to have a few values written on a website, but it’s a whole other thing to be passionate and be guided by those values every step of the way. People at Cogent are not only incredibly talented but also really genuinely nice. It’s been a delight to work at Cogent the past few months.

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