Cogent Ventures makes second round of investment into Oculo



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Many people don’t know that as well as working with businesses around Australia to design and build thriving digital products, we also invest in growing startups via Cogent Ventures.

Oculo is one of the amazing businesses that we’ve had the privilege of investing in. We’ve been working alongside their incredible team for several years now, helping them improve eye care for over three million Australians and New Zealanders who live with chronic eye disease, by closing the loop between optometrists and ophthalmologists. 

Since launching, its user network has expanded to include GPs and a range of other health care professionals, allowing them to share clinical imaging, referrals, and other clinical correspondence securely and instantly. 

After an initial investment round in 2018, Cogent Ventures recently participated in a second round, taking our total investment to $400,000.

Oculo continues to improve and expand their core product, as well as enter new markets globally. With the recent introduction of telehealth services as a result of Covid-19, they’re a great example of a business that responded to market changes rapidly, and worked closely with their customers to create a solution that benefits both practitioners and patients.  You can read more about how Oculo has innovated in a time of disruption here.

We’re looking forward to seeing Oculo growth further and are excited to help them on that journey.

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