Liz Blink

Leading product management teams

Did you just get a promotion? Did your product peers go from friends, to being part of the team you now lead? Have you ever done this before? It’s no wonder why the sense of achievement you’d expect to feel might be missing; leading humans is hard, can be terrifying, and if you get it wrong there are big consequences

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Scott Rogers

Applying the Competing Values Framework

In Part 2 of this blog post series we’ll go deeper into what the Competing Values Framework means when looking at an organisation, and talk about how best to interpret it for your team.

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Navin Keswani

How do we do better?

In order to get really good at something, it’s important to keep asking the question, “How can I do better?” At Cogent, this comes up a lot. Not only at an individual level, also in the context of teams of people.

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Rachael Geaney

Our adaptation to distributed working

Multiple variables such as roles, work requirements, locations, business and client needs, impact how we work. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and we needed to create a new, evolving framework that aligns with Cogent’s values. One that clearly defines the optimal balance of remote and distributed work, enabling the highest quality of work whilst protecting the health and well-being of Cogent, its people and our clients.

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Cogent Crew: Meet Bec

Welcome to the Cogent Crew series, where every month we’re inviting you to get to know a little more about the people at Cogent. This month, Jen spoke with Bec about working remotely (and off-grid) in Castlemaine with her bike and resident possum Polly, and how a career in the fitness industry led her to return from a dream holiday in Italy and to her role at Cogent.

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