Aligning Design Tools to Organisational Culture

Creating better product outcomes by improving cross-functional collaboration.

Pre-Recorded Workshop

Free 30 min Video

There are very few downsides to cross-functional team work, but how do you manage collaboration for teams who are operating remotely?

In this free, 30 min workshop we’ll cover:

  • How tools reflect the structure, priorities, and processes of your organisation
  • Why it’s necessary to get alignment on a collaborative design culture (and how to do it)
  • Finding tools and practices that match your current design culture
  • Small daily practices for better product outcomes, and increasing design capability in your organisation.
Relevant for designers, team and department leaders, as well as anyone interested in organisational/culture change and continuous improvement.

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Meet your presenter

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Will Rockel – Senior Designer

Will has been working at Cogent for 3 years. 
Over the last 12 years Will has developed a holistic approach to design.
Will has helped build products for large corporates as well as startups across multiple industries in Germany and Australia.