Who we are

Helping you create a thriving digital business, both in what you do and how you do it

Having worked side by side with some of Melbourne’s biggest startup success stories, we’ve spent over a decade figuring out how to build better digital products, quicker. 

Now we guide businesses through that process every single day, from strategy and product design, to software development and product management.

We’re deeply values led and practice what we preach, both internally and with the great businesses we partner with.

In short, we love what we do and hope you’ll love working with us.

Who we are

The businesses we work with regularly say that what makes us truly different is our people.

We value transparency, meaning and wellbeing above all else, and genuinely care about our colleagues.

We’re well known for our open salaries model, but live and breathe our values far beyond just this.

Head over to the blog to learn more about what makes us different. 

Management Team

Find out more about the people that make Cogent special.
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CEO & Investment Director

Mark’s an angel investor and the CEO of Cogent. Mark’s a sought-after advisor on topics spanning from fundraising to strategic planning and market entry.


Chief Operating Officer
Stu is a product-focused technology leader with experience scaling effective teams and positive cultures.

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What we do


Whether you’re a startup founder or leading a bigger team trying to shake things up, we’re here to help you create something great. Over the years, we’ve noticed that most businesses experience some similar challenges at different points in their growth. Our Services are aligned with this, so you’re clear on how we can help at different points in your journey.


If you’re a startup founder looking for funding, you may be in luck. Cogent Ventures is open to hearing from founders with shared values who are trying to action positive change. Check out what else we look for, and if you fit the bill, get in touch.

Who we work with

Whether you’re a solo startup founder or the CEO of a bigger business, we treat our clients as partners and work alongside you to deliver your next outcome – not up-sell our next gig. We’re straight talkers and you’ll be informed every step of the way with what’s going on, who’s doing it and where it’s heading.