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Amazon Web Services

Cloud based technologies.

If you’re building software today, chances are that some or all of what you build will live in the cloud, and that cloud will be probably be Amazon Web Services – more commonly called AWS.

Cogent people have years of experience helping companies of all sizes – from startups to large enterprises – get the maximum benefit from cloud technologies. As an Amazon Consulting Partner, we can help you get features to market faster, while helping you build software that is secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

Real products, real results.

We know the problems founders and teams face when it comes to building digital businesses, so no matter how early the idea, or how much uncertainty there is, we can help. We’ve done it plenty of times before.

Eli Mydlarz

“We used AWS ECS to give Scaffle easy, zero-downtime deployments and make it easy for Collabforge to add new services and apps in the future.”

– Eli Mydlarz

“At Fresho, we used AWS to build a database solution that was safe, fast, and stored all of our data on-shore within Australia.”

– Duncan Bayne

A rapidly moving target

Cloud based technologies move fast, and staying up-to-date often requires a much larger investment in training than smaller business and startups can afford. As a consultancy, we already have the advantage that our people are exposed to many projects per year, but we’ve also invested heavily in supporting the passion for lifelong learning that drives our people.

We can also help you take advantage of the recent developments in cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence to build smarter software that delivers value in entirely new, innovative ways.

Other technologies we love using

Working with AWS is only one of many skills in our skillset that we can use for your project. In particular, we’ve also got a bunch of experience and strong track record working with:


Ruby on Rails

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AI & Machine Learning

Let's get started

You might find our AWS skills useful for your next new product, or to help bolster and mentor an existing team. Check out our range of services or contact us to find out more.

Are you a developer with AWS experience?

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