We build useful software that gets results

We start with your business goals and work in an open and iterative way to craft the product.


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We start with your business goals and work in an open and iterative way to craft the product

Focus on outcomes

Your business objective is what we get passionate about. Not awards, fancy design for no reason, or irrelevant shiny features. Lower cost to operate? Lift sales conversion? That'll be our focus.

In this together

We believe great things happen when technology, design and business experts work openly and closely together. We spend lots of time with our customers. It helps us to produce what you wanted.

Pick the right tools for the job

Our kit bag has lots of methods for shaping your project. We’ll pick the ones that suit your needs. We keep waste low and avoid rigid process or lengthy spec documents. We put our energy into iterating on real work, like sketches or software.

Learn constantly

Iterating is built into our DNA. We talk and share thinking in lightweight forms, seek feedback often, and adapt. We’ll be gluttons for knowledge about your business, as that gives us the best chance of creating a good result.

We like to work together with smart people to make remarkable things we’re proud of

Cogent can incept, design and build applications that work.

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Helping Melbourne Business School to be leaders in digital learning.


Changing what it’s like to watch an event you couldn’t make it to.


Getting things read on your iPhone.

We’re avid learners who love to debate, reflect, participate and experiment

Our way is to be honest and open, to collaborate, and to be respectful and fair.

A bit more about Cogent

Cogent was created with a lot of care to be a company that not only did good work, but did it in an ethical and values-based way. We’re proud to have maintained that tradition over years of operation, and to be one of the best places many of us have ever worked.

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